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We import goods by air and sea.

Track Packages

You will be able to track the location and progress of your package. Once it reaches our secured facility in Florida, USA.


Delivery is offered for all shipment, but must be requested from your portal.

No Credit Card?

If our members are unable to shop online, we provide access to our company credit cards.

How It Works

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Sign up
Sign up for a ShippCart and receive a US mail forwarding address and account number.

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Shop at your preferred stores worldwide and forward packages to your mailbox address provided. A notification is issued as soon as package is received at our warehouse. Members are asked to upload invoices for customs clearance.

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Send items to your newly created US mailbox address, and we'll deliver them to your doorstep in Jamaica, and remember to ensure your account number is included in the delivery address.

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Packages are forwarded to Jamaica and cleared through customs. A notification will be sent when your package is ready for pickup/delivery.

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Shipping Rates

Bringing the world to your door.

1LB $500
2LB $800
3LB $1,100
4LB $1,300
5LB $1,500
6LB $1,750
7LB $1,900
8LB $2,150
9LB $2,300
10LB $2,500
11LB $2,750
12LB $3,000

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Bringing the world to your door.

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